Welcome at Veldman Animal Solutions!

With 32 years experience as a sales manager at several companies in 2016 it was time to start my own business.

Every (potential) costumer is unique! I prefer to make personal contact to build trust so we can develop a healthy business relationship together.


On my own farm I made the first steps in spectating the swine industry. On this farm we also had sheep and ruminants. On the age of 21 years the director of VVM in the Netherlands asked me the be farm manager in de Achterhoek. I did lead this company for 6 succesful years. In 1992 i started with a new career in sales and worked for Provimi. In this decade I worked in Germany. Mostly in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersaksen, and in the southern part of Bavaria. Even later in my career in the Netherlands I stayed in contact with my former German costumers.

Knowledge en Professional experience

Due to combination of my pratical knowledge and experience I can add value to your company in many ways:

Interested in how I can help you in your business? See my porfolio or please contact me.


Veldman Animal Solutions work with you together.